Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mom's 2008 New Year's Resolutions One Month Later

January 1st: “My children and I will learn Modern Hebrew this year.”
February 1st: “My children and I will weekly eat one dozen bagels with lox.”

January 1st: “I will get the kids the pet they’ve always wanted.”
February 1st: “I will buy a collar and a leash for my chia plant.”
January 1st: “I will make only home-made yogurt from only organic ingredients.”
February 1st: “I will allow my children only two Gogurts in their mouth at a time.”

January 1st: "I will take my children to a museum once a month."
February 1st: "I will show my kids where I ate super chili dogs in high school.”

January 1st: "I will make sure my children eat multi-grain fiber filled items at each meal."
February 1st: "I will store my bag of Krispy Kreme doughnuts next to a bottle of Metamucil.”

January 1st: "I will feature a Van Gogh each month on our coffee table."
February 1st: "I will fill up our Van at The Stop and Go.”

January 1st: "We will never eat food in the car in 2008."
February 1st: "We will quit using our gas grill in the car in 2008."
Please leave YOUR new year's resolutions in the comments box.


Anonymous said...

My resolution is I will strive to honor Jesus more this year then last year.


Jungheims said...

Hey! I saw you on Mommie Magazine and thought I'd look you up! My resolution is to read you on at least 10 more sites this year and attend your conferences/speaking engagements any time you are in my state! You rock!

jenjen said...

This is soooo funny! Love it!!!

Here's mine:

January 1st - I will exercise 3 times a week all year.

February 1st - House cleaning counts as exercise, and so does grocery shopping, and typing on Facebook.