Friday, August 31, 2012

10 Things you Don't Necessarily Want to Hear at the Hospital

In the Operating Room just before they give you anesthesia, one of the nurses says, "Let's
all wish Dr. Williams good luck on his very first surgery."

When you wake up, a nurse looks at you through her mask, and says, "The appendectomy
went really well, Debbie Johnson (and your name is Debbie Bradley.)"

Just as you wake up from surgery, the nurse says, "Unfortunately your insurance was declined."

You hear one nurse saying to another just after you notice a huge soft spot on your side, "We are missing five sponges and a scalpel, have you seen them anywhere?"

A tech calls out to the PA, "We accidentally gave her three units of Hawaiian punch, do you think that will make a difference?"

The nurse's aid informs you "Unfortunately the doctor was unable to to finish the surgery, but he'll be able to finish two weeks from now when he gets back from Aruba."

The doctor says, "You will have to wear a hospital gown for the next three months."

A hospital janitor yells out to you, "Please don't finish the piece of meat on your tray, it was supposed to go to pathology instead."

One surgery nurse says to another nurse, " Unfortunately our heart surgeon is not available but we do have a podiatrist on call willing to help."

On the weekend the only doctor making rounds has the word veterinarian on his lab coat and he
says, "A Milk-Bone dog biscuit usually does the trick."

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Eldest Hits the Big Time this Week

                                                           RJ at the beginning of his career

                         RJ on the Hugh Hewitt Show, being interviewed himself this week (Friday) by Hugh. 

                                   Hugh Hewitt of the Hugh Hewitt Show interviewing RJ Moeller

Usually he's serving, helping, producing the Dennis Prager Show and Prager University.  He does have his own show, RJ Moeller Show.  Hitting the big time was being interviewed himself on a nationally broadcast show like the Hugh Hewitt Show.  Kudos to our oldest son, RJ!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

33rd Summer Fading

I love seeing leafy branches through windows when I wake.
I love Bob my husband's one day old morning beard.
I love fresh fruit with skim milk as my morning cereal on the deck.
I love to hear Bob's voice read Psalms with birds as background music.
I love premiums at the coffee shop worth drinking another cup. 

I love our grandson reminding us of his wagon ride by pulling the wagon over.

I love the red bench two miles away on our morning walk.

I love Red, White, and Blue waving in the wind.

I love our dog, Boaz, a faithful friend who loves everyone he meets.

I love my older daughter braiding little sister's sun-bleached hair on the wooden pier.
I love fresh avocados on everything, absolutely everything.

I love my sons jumping over the hot campfire, but no love for the danger.
I love the lake cooling off again with summer fading.

I love thinking of days ahead orange leaves and apple smells
I love to be married for the 33rd summer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Other Blog You'll Love..

If you love my Momlaughs blog, then you love my second blog also.  Click here for Writing Mentor Blog and the cutest grandchild ever!

New e-Book coming out August 12, 2012 on Kindle - called Bestseller: 100 Free or Nearly Free Ways to Market your Christian Book

Exciting days with release date coming up.  You can't find it yet on the worldwideweb, but
on August 12, it should be available to all on Kindle.  It's going to cost $.99 cents when it
comes out - that will be the introductory price on Kindle.

Here's a few of the 100 to make you thirsty for my new book, Bestseller:  100 Free or Nearly Free Ways to Market your Christian Book by Cheryl Moeller

16.  Get a Kindle or Nook e-reader or free app and become familiar with it today. 
Get a free e-reader app for your PC or iphone, if you don’t own a Kindle or Nook.  You need to know how to use the book e-reader you are selling on Kindle. You can buy some free books or .99 cents books to practice reading on an e-reader.  When publishing an e-book on these sites, you will know more appropriately what the issues are to consider.

17.  Write a news release and send it out far and wide. 
Use the free PR sources online to make your press release have more credence.  These
online sites are search engine optimized to make your news releases higher up in google. The press releases have two purposes:  1.  To serve as an announcement of the release of your book just generally online.  2.  You can use to send out one of these press releases with other materials to print, TV, and radio media.

18.  Hand deliver postcards about your book and your being a local author to homes in your city.
Know your city’s code for distributing to front doors of homes in your city.  Enlist your friends and family and meet back at your place for a barbecue. 

19.  Choose to offer one of your e-books, not on other sites, and allow customers to pay whatever they want to pay for a PDF file of your book (including nothing) on a free Paypal “Buy Now” button. 
For a limited amount of time, have a account set up allowing people to choose what they can or want to pay.  Your advantage will be “uniquely different” sometimes sells.  Create on a for-profit “Buy Now” button.  Unless you are a non-profit organization, then you put up a “Donate Now” button, subtracting the fair retail cost of the book when you send their tax receipt.

20.  Start building your e-mail address list for your monthly or weekly e-zine newsletter one name at a time.
Why bother with one email address?  Soon you have 100 emails which eventually add up to 1,000, then 10,000 plus email addresses.  Your long email address list starts with one.