Thursday, June 25, 2009


La la la la la Presenting time4learning...

And you have to believe, there's lesson plans for mom and dad to plan it out!

Online Summer School. You gotta stay smart in math, language arts, and reading!

Start by trying Summer Demo Lessons

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freezy Fruit Salad

Summer is here and that means lots of fresh fruit at the Moeller's. This is one of my favorite fruit recipes. I made it today with fresh blueberries. You can use two or more fruits in the recipe, but I wanted my stand out blueberries from our local farmer's market to stand alone. You'll find this recipe to be easy. It will also be thrifty, if you use fruits in season. This is a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or dessert.

1. 1 quart Low Fat Buttermilk (Buttermilk is lowfat and easy to digest.)
2. Touch of honey, to taste (optional)
3. 1 quart Fresh Fruit, cut as needed,
(You can use one fruit or several different fruits to equal one quart)
(Add 1/2 chopped walnuts, as an optional benefit)

Mix Low Fat Buttermilk and fruit in a mixing bowl.
Pour into flat plastic or glass serving dish
Freeze for several hours or overnight
Best to remove from freezer and thaw for 10 minutes, before serving

Friday, June 12, 2009

Free or Nearly Free Frugal Findings

The Chicago Homeschool Expo - It's affordable - Cool New Homeschool Expo (Convention or Conference, whatever you want to call it). The price is fantastic. And there's free giveaways on their website. I've had the opportunity to meet the CEO by phone, Randi St. Denis. They have billboards going up on 290 and 355. Is that cool or what? It's coming to Chicagoland, August 6, 7, and 8. Bob and I will be doing a workshop.

Two for One at TGIF
until June 22, 2009

Where Kids Eat Free in Chicagoland

Something Free at Arbys, every Wednesday Summer Special Through August

Free piece of pie with any drink every Wednesday, at Baker's Square

Free Way to Make Cool Father's Day cards and letters

Free Father's Day Gift: Give him what he's always wanted - Time with you.

Don't miss free fun cooking lessons: Also, this is my favorite frugal cooking site for June and it's free to watch, frugal to make, depression style.

Next two June For Better, For Worse, For Keeps Marriage Conferences are free, but RSVPs are needed:
Father's Day Weekend - Cherry Grove Church of the Nazarene, Cadillac, Michigan (and grandmas are even making free cinnamon rolls)
Saturday, June 27 - Bethany Baptist, Harwood Heights, Illinois (free lunch also)
Information, Directions, and RSVP to Bethany Baptist

Free advice on what to read at the beach: Moeller's favorite June Reads. The books aren't free, unless you want to come over and borrow our's. (Warning: The Miracle book has a little free taco sauce on it. The Faithful women book has been put into water, only once.)
70 Years of Miracles
Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God

Coming Next Week: Many of Bob's TV shows are soon going to be on youtube. Here's a free sampling of what's up so far:
Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Can Their Marriage be Saved?
How Can I Change My Bad Attitude

What We're Watching on TV for free, this summer. (If you can't get this show on air, then watch it streaming live, during the show on Total Living Network) Fill your Mind with the good stuff this summer: Phil 4:8: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things: Aspiring Women

Turn You Radio on: Listen in to PrimeTime Chicago (Moody Radio 90.1 FM) on Monday, June 15, 3:00-4:00 Pm CST, Bob and Cheryl will be on with Host Steve Hiller and Producer Michelle Strombeck. The topic: Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Can Your Marriage be Saved? (How we made it 30 years! Happy Anniversary Bob and Cheryl) Listen online, if you aren't in Chicago.

Free cool music: Listen to Urban Praise with Roy Patterson. Bob is on with Roy, every Thursday, 4:30 Pm. If you are not in Chicago, you can listen online. Moody Radio 1110 AM.

For Free (youtube link): Email Let me Hold You a Little Longer free youtube promo, makes a good I Love You to a parent or child today!

Free Fun - Have fun this summer. Go to more than one Fourth of July parade. More than one fireworks display. Make a picnic with Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers (Our favorite) and Le Fromage... but surely go on a picnic, before June is over.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How Can I Change My Bad Attitude?

Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Can their Marriage be Saved?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can Jon and Kate Plus 8 Marriage Be Saved?

Click Here for a youtube video of Bob Moeller's television show, with the topic of
"Can Jon and Kate's (Plus Eight) Marriage be Saved?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ketchup or Catchup

Lemonade, bugs, grass carpet, swimming, sunshine, sparklers and sprinklers.

It's summer and the living is easy, but maybe if you are like me, you might be
behind on a subject. It's a secret, but we are not perfect, and we need to keep
working on math this summer! Megan finished her math curriculum for the year,
but MacKenzie needs to make more progress to be where we would like her
by September.

So, we are going to do some math, before we head to the swimming pool, each
day. That's not too overwhelming for MacKenzie...

We are doing ketchup (no, that is what we are taking on our picnic). We are doing
catchup with our math.

MacKenzie is not complaining. MacKenzie is excited about math this summer. And
with time4learning, we get results! So, student is happy and mom (teacher) is happy.
It covers most subjects and topics, not just math. Check it out. Try it, now!
We just happen to need catchup in math this summer And, it's not just enrichment,
it's a whole math curriculum.

Too Tired For Technology

As a mother of preschoolers, I fell behind the curve when it comes to technology. While other women were sporting ipod touch, iphones, Blackberries, Blue Tooths, iPhones, and Palm Pilots dangling in their ears, all I could manage was a small spiral notebook from the dollar aisle in Walgreens. However, just to stay in the game I decided to refer to it as my Papyrus Pilot. My Bic ballpoint pen is my Cylinder Inkjet 5000.

These are some of the things that I have put in my Papyrus Pilot. First of all there's a listing of overdue library notices (now in the thousands of dollars, carrying with them threat of foreclosure on our home); the birthdays of all our relatives that I missed while taking anti-nausea drugs for throwing up during pregnancies; the names of our children (I forgot their names while taking anti-nausea drugs;) what my husband wanted for his birthday 12 years ago that's still on the list after the last child gets their braces....

Are you wondering what I was doing while you were updating? While other people were updating, I was scraping out the remainder of my mauve lipstick with the cap of my ink pen so I could make it last one more week.

While other people were updating, I was spending an hour walking around the block. That's how long it took me to walk around the block with preschoolers.

While other people were chatting on their newest equipment, I was chasing Pooka out of a drainage ditch. Every time I would ever start a conversation with another human around my age, Pooka would head either for a wet ditch, a river, a train track or a tollway. Pooka makes Curious George seem satisfied.

While other people were updating, I was dating my spouse.

While other people were updating, I was laboring in childbirth.

While other people were updating, I was handing out hugs and kisses for all sorts of boo boos that preschool kids can get into.

While other people were updating, I was making dinner. I don't have a palm pilot to plan the family's menus.

My Papyrus Pilot does a good job recording the grocery list. I always use my Papyrus Pilot in meal planning. I need help because the three words that I fear most in the English language are, "What's for dinner?" I have trouble deciding what's for dinner. And it's a question at least one of the kids hits me with before 9:00 Am. I can't think pasta primavera before the Cheerios are scraped off the floor. And I know the clock will keep ticking toward 6:00 Pm and I'd better have something steaming, stewing or grilling.

Over the years I've decided a number of meal planning methods. My least favorite was to open the freezer and make whatever fell out and hit me on the head. It had spontaneity going for it, but the lump on my head grew monotonous. Besides, we couldn't afford the monthly brain scans this home making method demanded.
Even with this failsafe method there are certain things I won't make for dinner. Because when I was pregnant with six children, not all at once mind you, I calculated that I threw up a combined total of 2000 times. I am not kidding. One of the combinations of foods I will not eat together is potato chips and milk. Why? Because I refuse to eat something that at one time has come out of my nose.

I finally settled on deciding what was for dinner according to the days of the week. Monday is for M so we eat meatloaf or meatballs; Tuesday is for T so we eat tacos or turkey, Wednesday is for W which limits us to watermelon and watercress sandwiches. And how do I remember what day it is? I use my Papyrus Pilot, of course.

Want to instant message someone? It's easier than ever with Papyrus Pilot. Forget the tiny keyboard. With Papyrus Pilot, just write the information on a piece of genuine, undigital paper, tear it off and hand it to them. It's instant! It's a message!

So buy a papyrus pilot, simplify your life and enjoy your spouse, your children, sunsets, fresh air and the important things in life that really do last.