Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things you are not going to hear from mother...

"Turn up that ipod, Barrett! How in the world can you hear with it turned so low?"

"Recycle, Reuse, Renew... I expect you to wear that same shirt for the entire month."

"Of course Preston, if everyone is doing it, you should be able to do it too."

Or a similar, but older, version, (“If everyone walks over a cliff, I would expect you, Preston, to be the one to dive over it too.”)

"And I want no complaining about this – we’re going to save on the grocery bill by cutting out all fruits and vegetables."

"Why use Kleenex?"

"There you go again wearing a coat when it’s raining outside -- just wasting your time taking it on and off."

"Please go ahead and drink out of your brother's cup – who ever heard of strep throat being catchy?”

“We could care less what neighbors will think.”

"Get three new puppies? Why not? I know in the end you’ll be the one stuck taking care of them.”

"If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, leave that door wide open behind you! We need fresh air in here."

"Why work so hard on your schoolwork, when you can watch television all day?”

"Pour out that skim milk right now and open a Coke. Do you hear me?”

"Stick and stones won’t break my bones, but words...................say whatever you want."

"Please, please don’t visit me today of all days – it’s only Mother’s Day.”

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge - Traverse City, Michigan

"Our own personal "tent" booth in the tropical theme restaurant! There are several restaurants to choose from."

"Jump aboard, for a fun family adventure at the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park (indoor/outdoor) Fort MacKenzie and Conference Center."

"Leaping Lizards on the Frog Bog Log Walk!"

"1,000 gallons of water drop from a bucket above. Lots of pulleys, locks, and ropes to watch."

"All that water you love it and you don't."

"But you keep going back..."

"Waiting for it to happen again..."

"Better go find something else to do!"
"How about the Alberta Falls four- story high water slides?"

"Ol man river, that ol man river...He dont say nothin...He just keeps rollin, he keeps on rollin along." - Going Slow Down the Great Wolf Crooked Creek with Megan, MacKenzie, (with our friends) Grandpa Ron Campbell, Ahna Campbell
"The Lazy River has to be good for you." - Our friend Ron Campbell reloading granddaughter Ahna

"Lots of choices for fun for the little ones!"

"I can't believe how much there is to do, in so many play areas!"

"Let's go explore!"

"I double dog dare you on the Kiddie Slides!"

"See, I can do it all by myself!"

"Don't get in the water, if you don't want to get wet!"

"It will take your breath away!"

Let's go on the water snake!"

"Tell the fun and friendly snake, we are coming back to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan next year or maybe next month!"

Friday, April 3, 2009

Time4learning: Math That Works in the Real Homeschool World

"I love math, when I use Time4learning!" says MacKenzie Moeller

Time4Learning's student-paced fun approach to math can help children overcome any anxiety by building solid math skills. Time4Learning's integrated system blends conceptual explanations, learning activities and games, loads of practice for reinforcement, and ongoing assessment. Our learn math program offers children the opportunity to explore the world of math through hands-on, real world simulations. As kids build proficiency in a safe, supportive environment, they become "good at math". Gifted math students appreciate Time4Learning letting them move forward at their own pace.
While there are many different reasons to homeschool, homeschool parents share some common problems including organizing their children's curriculum and their families: time is always short. Time4Learning's self-running curriculum can provide the basis of a homeschool program or can supplement other programs with an enriching easy-to-use program.
Easy way to check it out with sample lessons.