Monday, January 18, 2010

Crockpot Duets: Two Crockpots Making Beautiful Meals Together

Crockpot Duets: Two Crockpots Making Beautiful Meals Together

Crockpot Duets finally answers the proverbial question, "What's for Dinner?" It's not just a cookbook, it's a whole new attitude and method of planning meals. Cheryl's book is going to have you thinking differently about crockpots! In Crockpot Duets, you use two crockpots to easily cook a healthy homemade dinner. Cheryl helps you get the whole dinner done, not just part of it. Crockpot Duets features beautiful photography and recipes taste-tested at Cheryl's table by her family of nine!

2 Crockpots = 1 Fabulous Meal

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let's be honest, not all of our New Year's Resolutions are going to stick...

January 1st: "I will learn to sleep standing up."

One Week Later: "I won't fall asleep behind the wheel."

January 1st: "I will find at least one pair of matching socks."

One Week Later: "Finding one pair of matching socks is statisically identical to being hit with a meteor, while vacationing in Florida."

January 1st: "I will use only one email address."

One Week Later: "I will go from eight to seven email addresses."

January 1st: "I will exercise every single day in 2009, for at least one hour."

One Week Later: "I'll buy a DVD of the 2008 Olympics and watch it for 30 minutes a day."

January 1st: "I will not only wash, but also dry all our dirty dishes, immediately after each meal."

One Week Latert: "I will train my cat to dry dishes, the dog already washes them."

January 1st: "I will remember my own birthday and celebrate in a special way."

One Week Later: "I will somehow forget how old I am."

January 1st: "I will make a time for reading each day in 2009."

One Week Later: "I will read the back of grocery store receipts to see if I have earned enough points to get for free, the featured Teflon cookware."

January 1st: “My children and I will learn Modern Hebrew this year.”

One Week Later: “My children and I will weekly eat one dozen bagels with lox.”

January 1st: “I will get the kids the pet they’ve always wanted.”

One Week Latert: “I will buy a collar and a leash for my chia plant.”

January 1st: “I will make only home-made yogurt from only organic ingredients.”

One Week Later: “I will allow my children only two Gogurts in their mouth at a time.”

January 1st: "I will take my children to a museum once a month."

One Week Later: "I will show my kids where I ate super chili dogs in high school.”

January 1st: "I will feature a Van Gogh each month on our coffee table."

One Week Later: "I will fill up our Van at The Stop and Go.”

January 1st: "We will never eat food in the car in 2008."

One Week Later: "We will quit using our gas grill in the car in 2008."