Saturday, January 28, 2012

Show Us Your Valentine's Day Gift Ideas/Homemade Gifts/Homemade Business

It is soon Valentine's Day Do you have something that you sell or make and sell that would make a great gift for Valentine's Day? One thing I love about Valentine's Day is that it's a time for romantic love, but we also make it a time for love for our children, families, and friends. I am going to make a nice meal the weekend before and have all the family in town over. We will use the best dishes because family is worth it. I'm not saving my best for someone else - my family is the best. Then, Bob and I have a special romantic weekend planned for just the two of us with an overnight in Lake Geneva, WI to celebrate 32 3/4 years marriage. Valentine's Day is my favorite.
So, do you make and sell something that would make a great gift? Or, do you know someone that does. Send this link around so everyone is included and think about supporting some of these homemade homegrown American businesses. I know I am buying my Valetine's Day cards from my friends Linda and Sania and their Love Pockets homemade business.

I love their cards and I think some of them even look like my friends who create them. :)

 Okay share and show us what you sell that would make a potential gift.

Please start adding your homemade businesses on the Linky Tool. Let's promote our talented friends. Share and Show Your Valentine's Day Gift Ideas/Homemade Gifts/Homemade Business

Free Kindle book by Momlaughs, Cheryl Moeller

Help! Mom's Stuck on Spin Cycle - early Saturday morning, January 28 through Monday January 30 midnight - At last a book that answers the proverbial question, “Where is my other sock?” Cheryl Moeller, emerges from her laundry room at last to tell her story – such as the time Metamucil tablets left in a pants pocket became the size of basketballs after 30 minutes in the washing machine. Her over-the-laundry pile humor will help you laugh your way through motherhood. Free for 3 days Click here

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Now that I'm a mom of six...

I used to have the latest up to the minute technology and electronic gadgets; now that I'm a mom of six I have a used ripped stepped-on spiral notebook and a pencil with a very dull lead. I used to have long, sweet smelling, deep luxurious baths, now I count standing in the rain as my monthly shower. I used to have oodles of close friends, lunches out, and power walks around the lake, now I have the pediatricians and clerks at Walgreen’s (they are my only friends). I used to look at Vogue, now without for ten years I look like I am from the morgue. I used to go on dates with my spouse and now we eat lot of prunes, figs, and dates. I used to sport the latest make-up, now I need an extremely extreme makeover and scrape the leftovers out of the bottom of my mauve lipstick tube with a ball point pen. I used to style in the latest shishi fashions, now I have to put the power of positive thinking on my vintage fashion statement. I used to throw and glaze my own original pottery, now I throw my own pottery for sure.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Show us your Mom Blogs or Websites

I started my Momlaughs blog five years ago I also write a blog for inspiring those who would love to become writers or have something published - My husband, Bob, and I also have this website Do you have a mom blog or website or one that moms might be interested in? Please show us your mom blog or website. (You don't have to be a mom to share your blog here. Maybe you just have a blog that moms would like to read.) Share it here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Megan, age 15, is making something cooking baking all 366 days this year. It's a leap year! She is giving herself some experience as a pastry chef. She loves doing this and is thinking of recipes and recipe combinations. Which ones look like your favorites? She takes a lot of the stuff to school with her to share.
Megan on the right with her little sister and one of her big brothers!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

20 Things I Learned from Raising Six Children

(Published also on October 2007)

1) Salt, pepper and milk are not fish food.
2) It's a bad thing when your child calls from camp and asks if it's a bad thing if one foot is bigger than the other.
3) If you mow the lawn with the basement windows open – the carbon monoxide detector will go off.
4) The ceiling fan doesn’t hold more than a 40 pound child and is not a substitute for taking your child to Great America.
5) Two kids cannot sit on top of the refrigerator but one can.
6) A 10-year-old cannot run a mile without shoes but he can run a ½ mile.
7) A mother with three sons doesn’t have that many friends who are mothers of all girls when the sons are young. The mother has more friends who are mothers of all girls when they reach high school age.
8) You get invited over less to friends and family’s houses for Sunday dinner when you have six kids.
9) When the nurse says, "even though the white count is as high as Mononucleosis – it’s only E coli," you shouldn’t be happy.
10) Finger painting is a good hobby.
11) Finger painting the front door is not a good hobby.
12) Green marker and a new couch don’t mix.
13) Black marker and a new loveseat also don’t mix.
14) The backyard swimming pool is not a bubble bath.
15) Pool filters do not like bubbles.
16) A dog who has been fed two packages of hot dogs can throw up twice his body weight.
17) Being hit with a marble from the second floor hurts more than being hit by a marble from the first floor.
18) The Easy Bake oven does not bake cookies fast enough for a family of eight.
19) “I hope you didn't forget I put the cell phone on the roof of the car” is not a good thing to hear when you are going 60 mph on the toll way.
20) A good sense of humor will get you through most problems in life.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My book is in my Hands!

The first books arrived to my home on Friday. Awesome book cover. Harvest House Publishing did an excellent job throughout. I appreciate their expertise and hard work so much. It should be in bookstores by the end of the month. Perfect for the frazzled mom who never has enough time in the day, Creative Slow-Cooker Meals gives readers more time around the table with delicious, healthy, frugal, and easy meals! Creative Slow Cooker Meals book and author details from Harvest House Publishers click here
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Michelle, Minneapolis, MN, 40

Kelly's blog has a single mingle going on. I asked many single friends if I could write about them and only my good friend Michelle agreed. She is a mature Christ follower and Believer. Michelle is an idea person. She is also the kind of person that you would love to take a cross country trip with. You would not hear complaining, but you would hear a lot of laughing from the back seat. Michelle is never married, no kids. You will find her a very giving person, she never arrives without carrying cute bags with unique gifts to distribute to her friends and family. She's a great cook and adoring auntie to her many nieces and nephews and even makes room for our kids in her heart. In the words of MacKenzie, our youngest daughter, she said, "Michelle took me to the Mall of America and we were going to just do one ride. Michelle ended up doing so many more rides with me that she would have saved money by buying the whole day pass for both of us." She is barely just 40 and she is the fun adventure-one.
Here's a couple paragraphs below about Michelle from Michelle herself: "I love to travel, hang out with family and friends, and enjoy the creative side of life, including live music shows and plays. I do also enjoy the typical girl things like scrapbooking, shopping, and spa days." J "However, I’m really looking for a “man with a plan!” I’ve heard that when you get married it’s not all romance and flowers, but I’d love to every once in a while break out from the routine of: “Go to work, relax at home, go to bed, repeat!” I’d love to have a mission or plan for our family that is slightly beyond the normal. Maybe live in another country for a while, learn a new hobby together, etc. Maybe it’s not really possible, but I’d like to at least try. If I find a great guy that can make me laugh, that would be icing on the cake!" from Michelle If you want to get in contact with Michelle, you can write me Mrs. Cheryl Moeller at

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten Top Signs It's Time to Clean Your House

1. You hear your husband's muffled voice but haven't been able to spot him for 3 days. 2. The Orkin Man asks if he can spray you and your husband. 3. The clothes you left in the dryer are back in style -- just in time for your 20-year class reunion. 4. The expiration date on the milk carton coincides with the Apollo 11 moon landing. 5. Mistaking your home for a nearby landfill, Waste Management trucks begin unloading in your driveway. 6. Archeologists at the local university ask if they can excavate your livingroom. 7. The dishes in the sink are growing stalactites and stalagmites. 8. The frozen meat in the freezer is from the last Ice Age. 9. You find a large sum of cash under the couch cushions -- and it's all Revolutionary War currency. 10. You finally found your children's homework -- and your children. Momlaughs, Cheryl Moeller It's finally out - Creative Slow-Cooker Meals!!!!
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Are You a Christian Single 38 Years of Age or Over?

I'm trying something new on here for one week.  So, let's see how this works and have some fun.

Hi to everyone - Christian Single 38 Years of Age or Over and those who have single friends over Single 38 Years of Age or Over.  I'm a pastor's kid and a pastor's wife, so we reserve the right to be family friendly.

We have a heart and ministry to singles.  We have a conference called The Road to "I Do" Singles' Conference (which thousands have attended) on Relationships.  About our Road to "I Do" Conference click here  
We also have a CD set of the conference that you can buy and listen to or podcast.  Click here

We really love our group/s in the Midwest and have even had some Holiday dinners with our singles.  They are like family to us.  We count them among our best friends. 

Do you have a single relative or friend that really is like family to you?  Why not write a blog post about them to get them connected to some other Singles 38 Years of Age or Over?  You can post for someone else, but please ask them first! :) 

Linky Tools works this way:
1. Write up a blog post about yourself or someone else 38 Years of Age or Over.   Only Single 38 Years of Age or Over, no exceptions (we will have other options later this month).

2.  When you post on Linky Tools (below) be sure to give AS YOUR TITLE (first place to write something on Linky Tools), your first name, age, and the state that you are from to make things easier for everyone.

3.  This is for fun, so don't get too invested or too worried.  Someone might email you or no one might email you.  Not getting an email is not a big deal.

4.   Read the links that other singles put up (or their friends put up for them).  If you are interested in getting to know someone more, write to them.  We reserve the right to be family friendly.

5.  If you eventually have a neat story to share of who you did meet through this; let me know.  We would love to know! -

Put your blog post link in this Linky Tools box.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Not me! I am saving money on postage while I sleep

Not me! I did not receive free family picture Christmas cards to mail to friends and family from a completely free with free shipping online deal. Not me! I did not lose them over a month ago. Not me! I did not see them the day they arrived and oh no they do not say Merry Christmas, so... I can't use them for Valentines' Day cards. (Not me! I was not thinking I am saving postage by not mailing them out.)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to MyCharmingKids; her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.  Click here

Not me! I won't break my New Year's Resolutions - not at least until next week!

January 1st: "I will learn to sleep standing up."

Not me! but this is what happens One Week Later: "I won't fall asleep behind the wheel."

January 1st: "I will find at least one pair of matching socks."

Not me! but this is what happens One Week Later: "Finding one pair of matching socks is statisically identical to being hit with a meteor, while vacationing in Florida."

January 1st: "I will use only one email address."

Not me! but this is what happens One Week Later: "I will go from eight to seven email addresses."

January 1st: "I will exercise every single day in 2009, for at least one hour."

Not me! but this is what happens One Week Later: "I'll buy a DVD of the 2008 Olympics and watch it for 30 minutes a day."

January 1st: "I will not only wash, but also dry all our dirty dishes, immediately after each meal."

Not me! but this is what happens One Week Later: "I will train my cat to dry dishes, the dog already washes them."

January 1st: "I will remember my own birthday and celebrate in a special way."

Not me! but this is what happens One Week Later: "I will somehow forget how old I am."

January 1st: "I will make a time for reading each day in 2009."

Not me! but this is what happens One Week Later: "I will read the back of grocery store receipts to see if I have earned enough points to get for free, the featured Teflon cookware."

  Not Me’s!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Happy New Year

I start this New Year with sadness.  One of my good friends, Marybeth Scherer, passed away on Christmas Day.  She was a true friend to many.  I am really missing her a lot. 

This is when friends sent Marybeth and her family to a wonderful trip to western Michigan for some happy memories.

Marybeth you will always be missed by many.

Ron and Marybeth, the perfect 1980's couple!  How cute!

Most of all Marybeth loved Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and Lord and lived her life to share Jesus' love!  John 3:16