Monday, April 29, 2013

I Finally Tricked My Kids Homemade Skillet Queso Dip easy recipe (Chili's Restaurant Wanna Be)

I Finally Tricked My Kids Homemade Skillet Queso Dip easy recipe 
(Chili's Restaurant Wanna Be) 

1. One jar of this from store
2. 1/4 to 1/3 package of this: turkey precooked sausage crumbles from store
3. 1 drained can of black beans or kidney beans. maybe 1/2 can drained to start with depending on how "beany" you want it.... 

1. Mix all three ingredients together in the pan or glass dish you are using.
2. Cook for a couple of minutes in one of three ways.
Choice One. Maybe heat in a pre-heated oven in a small iron skillet and serve in the same.
Choice Two. Microwave in a glass dish that you will serve in?
Choice Three: Stovetop heating or on your grill in small iron skillet and serve in same

Serve with Mexican chips or veggie tray.
Yep, they thought it was from Chili's. :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Creative Slow-Cooker Meals: Use Two Slow Cookers for Tasty and Easy Dinners

Do you have a slow-cooker? Do you have two? I love this recipe book by Cheryl Moeller entitled Creative Slow-Cooker Meals: Use Two Slow Cookers for Tasty and Easy Dinners by Harvest House Publishers.
Let me tell you… the title is misleading… this cookbook is brimming with FAR more than just dinners! There are breakfast recipes, dessert recipes, beverage recipes and they all are cooked in the slow-cooker! Click here

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keeping it Real

I committed my life to Christ at the young age of six.

But after that, the fact is in high school and college, I made some bad choices in my life. There came a day though when I made a great choice: I recommitted my life to Christ to trust Christ's plan for my life, which He had sacrificed so grieveously to provide for me.

Through the years, I may not have always liked His answers but in the end, it works! 
I suggest following Christ to others, as often as I can.  Trusting Him and giving Him complete total control is sometimes a tough day to day walk.  But, when we are His child, what peaces flows when we obey what He says through His Holy Word! 
"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad."  Proverbs 12:25   

- Cheryl
                                          My sisters and I in 1958

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Discounts on Home School Curriculum or Those in Ministry

This is a great list on a missionary's blog.  Please check it out or send to someone who needs it.

List of discounts on Home School Curriculum or those in ministry and missionary work Click here


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Multi-tasking Uses for Diaper Genie By-Products

(Those long strings of diapers individually twist-wrapped in clear cellophane.) 1) Soak them in cement and use for building suspension bridges (another modern marvel).
2) Dye red, white, and blue and use for outdoor bunting (keeps people off your grass during local parades).
3) Dye them yellow and black and sell them to the local police department for "Do Not Cross" tape (guaranteed no one will try crossing).
4) Weave them together and make large area rugs (keeps room traffic way down).
5) Spray gold, red, or green to use as garland on next year's "Christmas Tree" (great homeopathic cure for sinus congestion)
6) Spray them silver and tie them post to post as a chain link fence (guaranteed to turn back all unwanted intruders).
7) Hang around the neck of the large marble statute in the park to imitate a string of pearls (pigeons are history).
8) Tier around your coat like a rope belt (allows you to walk safely to your car at night).
9) Cut them into shorter pieces and wear as a necktie to a party (where you don't want to have to talk to anyone).
10) Store in your husband's brief case (guarantees him his own seat on the bus or train).

Saturday, April 13, 2013

One of Our Daughter's 2013 version new retro twist to a "Tupperware party"

"My friends are planning a Tupperware party during lunch tomorrow," Megan said. "Which one of your 16 year old high school friends is selling Tupperware?" I asked. "Why would you sell Tupperware? You can buy it though on vintage Etsy sites. At our Tupperware parties everyone brings a Tupperware container full of food. It's like a potluck we have at church or for our block parties. We make a buffet table out of our cafeteria table at lunch so everyone can share. I was supposed to bring swedish meatballs, but due to horse issues with IKEA's swedish meatballs, I promised my friends that we would make swedish meatballs from scratch to fill grandma's big vintage Tupperware bowl. Tupperware is cool now because it's retro," Megan informed me. "Are boys involved?" I asked. "No, unless they bring a Tupperware full of food we like."

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Free Maps for Every State in the Union

FREE State Maps for every state in the Union. Nothing like riding along retro Route 66 with the windows down and a state map open on the seat next to you, hopefully the map of the state that you are presently in or moving toward. Click here for all 50 links I am getting TN KY MI IL GA TX OK MO

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top Ten Excuses Mothers Hear From Children

Top Ten Excuses Mothers Hear From Children 1. I gave the cat a hair-cut because he said he was hot outside. 2. I ate the last cookie so I wouldn’t spoil my appetite for tomorrow’s night’s supper. 3. I sprayed my brother with the hose just to get rid of all his germs – he’s healthy now. 4. I didn’t draw on the wall – the dog did – but I tried to stop him. 5. I didn’t brush my teeth because the tooth fairy needs business. 6. I stuck my peanut butter sandwich to the bottom of my chair so I can eat it while I’m crawling around. 7. I sprayed all your perfume on the hamster because she wants a boyfriend. 8. I put glue in my sister’s hair so her pony tail wouldn’t fall off. 9. I took your cell phone with me in the bathtub so I could call you when I was ready to get out. 10. I used the red marker to show my sister what chickenpox looks like – now she can tell you when she gets them.