Friday, January 30, 2009

Time4learning - a complete source and resource for learning

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Time4learning is a name you can trust with all your homeschooling needs.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Moms for Laughs - MFL

Super Bowl Mom: Why the NFL needs the MFL (Mom For Laughs)

The MFL needs to tell the NFL...

to talk out their issues and problems, instead of shoving, pushing, and tackling out there on the field.

to stop whispering out there in huddles, it makes the other team feel bad to be talking about them.

that the real Super Bowl is the white big bowl in the bathroom.

that the point of wearing a uniform is to help you act more polite and respectful in school. So, why do these men put on uniforms, then start ramming each other and doing crazy dances in the end zone to celebrate it? No one should clap for them when they do either.

that those men in the black and white striped shirts, carrying a whistle should use their yellow handkerchiefs and not throw them down on the field. And why use yellow ones? they don't match anyone's outfit.

that those men floating up there in that big Goodyear helium balloon should come down right now before it pops and someone gets hurt. Besides, they are cheating -- hanging up there trying to see the game without having to buy a ticket. Shame on them.

that it's really not nice to pour a huge bucket of Gatorade on that man with the clipboard, standing on the sidelines at the end of the game. That's probably his homework he's been working on the entire game. Now it's all wet and the teacher will make him stay after school and do it all over again.

that coaches should know when you call a "time out" you should make all the players go over and sit in the corner for 30 minutes, and think about what they have done wrong. And you don't let them back on the field, until they say they're sorry. They usually let them run back on the field in just two minutes -- it only encourages bad behavior.

that NFL teams don't need a coach. What they really need is a MFL super mom, who won't give the guys supper, if they come in with their uniforms all dirty one more time.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kids say the funniest things!

I was making a hot dish for supper. MacKenzie, age 9, didn't like it, so I told her she could bake a frozen pizza.

MacKenzie preheated the oven, so I could put the pizza in.

She put the oven on 375 degrees.

I asked her why it was so low, because I usually make a pizza at 400 degrees.

MacKenzie said she wanted it fluffy.

I asked her how that would make it fluffy.

She said it says 375 degrees on the box, for high altitude. And she wanted her pizza high and fluffy, with some altitude.


An Idllyic Spot: Stockholm Inn, Rockford, Illinois

We have Swedish roots on both sides of our family, so we wanted to show the kids a bit of Sweden close to Chicagoland

MacKenzie poses in the lobby of the Stockholm Inn

Which lovely dining room should we choose? Each room has a beautiful scene from my favorite artist, Swedish painter, Carl Larsson.

Our waitress was able to give us many great recommendations

The Stockholm Inn is known for their famous swedish pancakes, but their white fish dinner is to die for also.

A happy customer.

We were seranaded with accordion music. He knew lively tunes from the Old Country.

Bob knows a little Swedish, so he joined right in.

World's Biggest Sock Monkies

A Swede on a Swedish horse

The gift shop alone, is worth piling the family in your SUV, and heading to Rockford!

You can take home fresh baked goods, including lefse!