Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Idllyic Spot: Stockholm Inn, Rockford, Illinois

We have Swedish roots on both sides of our family, so we wanted to show the kids a bit of Sweden close to Chicagoland

MacKenzie poses in the lobby of the Stockholm Inn

Which lovely dining room should we choose? Each room has a beautiful scene from my favorite artist, Swedish painter, Carl Larsson.

Our waitress was able to give us many great recommendations

The Stockholm Inn is known for their famous swedish pancakes, but their white fish dinner is to die for also.

A happy customer.

We were seranaded with accordion music. He knew lively tunes from the Old Country.

Bob knows a little Swedish, so he joined right in.

World's Biggest Sock Monkies

A Swede on a Swedish horse

The gift shop alone, is worth piling the family in your SUV, and heading to Rockford!

You can take home fresh baked goods, including lefse!

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