Friday, June 5, 2009

Ketchup or Catchup

Lemonade, bugs, grass carpet, swimming, sunshine, sparklers and sprinklers.

It's summer and the living is easy, but maybe if you are like me, you might be
behind on a subject. It's a secret, but we are not perfect, and we need to keep
working on math this summer! Megan finished her math curriculum for the year,
but MacKenzie needs to make more progress to be where we would like her
by September.

So, we are going to do some math, before we head to the swimming pool, each
day. That's not too overwhelming for MacKenzie...

We are doing ketchup (no, that is what we are taking on our picnic). We are doing
catchup with our math.

MacKenzie is not complaining. MacKenzie is excited about math this summer. And
with time4learning, we get results! So, student is happy and mom (teacher) is happy.
It covers most subjects and topics, not just math. Check it out. Try it, now!
We just happen to need catchup in math this summer And, it's not just enrichment,
it's a whole math curriculum.

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