Friday, September 24, 2010

Ten Field Trips to Stay Away From

Ten Field Trips to Stay Away From

1.         "Where Sausage is Made:  The Unusual Sights and Smells of Meat Packing Plant."

2.         "Inside a Real Landfill:  A One Day Tour of Leftovers from the 1980's."

3.         "Amazing Sauerkraut:  A Hands-on Museum."

4.         "100 Feet Up in the Air with no Net:  Learning High Wire Acts with the Professionals."

5.         "Swimming with Great White Sharks:  A Once in a Lifetime Experience."

6.         "Dodging Apples with the Squirrels:  One of the Apple Orchard's Greatest Thrills."

7.         "Shot out of a Cannon:  A Symposium that Soars above the Ordinary." 

8.         "Bungee your Way through the Grand Canyon."

9.         "Discover your Decibel Breaking Point:  A 3 Hour Look at Jet Engine Testing."

10.       "Meet the Ten Most Boring People on Earth:  An All-Day Audio History Event."

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