Monday, November 7, 2011

Free Stuff for the Holidays

A beautiful website is offering a free $30 off code for their website until Sunday, November 13.

The free $30 off code is H2SHOLIDAY.

You do have to pay for the shipping for each gift separately.  It varies from about $6 to $12, depending on large the gift.

We were able to buy several things shipped to the same address, but we had to pay the shipping for each item separately.  But, this is a great value.

If you buy something for under $30, your gift will be free plus you pay for shipping.
If you buy something for over $30, then apply the $30, pay the rest plus you pay for the shipping.

This is high quality gifts similar to the quality of Hallmark.  I know because my friend Lisa Jungheim and I have ordered various items for people on our Christmas lists.  Here's part of Lisa's Christmas list recipients.



Cheryl and Lisa highly suggest it.
Click here to start shopping and don't forget to use the free code:  H2SHOLIDAY.  Click here

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