Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guest Post by Blogger, Radio Host, and Author Diane Reed Loew

Ligthen Up - Get Over Yourself

 It's time to lighten up.

Why are we so concerned about how we look? What will people think?

Life is too short to care what a total stranger thinks of you. And, by the way, they probably aren't paying any attention to you anyway. And, if you are fortunate enough to get a chuckle or laugh from them, then good for you. You brightened their day.

Here are a few more pictures that could fall into that category.

The wigglies on Halloween.

Hanging with my favorite green guy.

One of my BEBs hamming it up.

The wigglies are all ready to help Rudolph.

Red Velvet Cake induced pre-coma moment.

The wiggilies in their natural mode.

Laughing so hard it's about to come off her face.

Even the critters at the barn get in on this one.
The new Farmer and Wife picture - without the pitchfork.

File:Grant DeVolson Wood - American Gothic.jpg

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One more for good measure.      By Guest Blogger, Diane Reed Loew 

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