Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Free Stuff for Valentine's Day

Early Post but some of these items need to be ordered. :)

1.  Free Valentine's Font
Love Hearts Click here

2.  Let me count the ways.
Free online Calulator to count the ways Click here
The poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning:  Let me Count the Ways

3.  Free t-shirt from Vista Print
Only pay a small fee for shipping, but express yourself on a t Click here
Picture of your, Picture of her, Picture of her fav team or dog Click here

4.  Free Rubber Stamps
Only pay a small fee for shipping, but rubber stamp it everywhere Click here
"I'm Crazy" or "I'm Crazy about Maggie" or "Permanent Marker for Lou" Click here

5.  Wow! Magnetic sign for your car, bike, frig, or metal cabinet
Declare your love or your intentions on a small magnet sign Click here
"You are the Best!" or "Marry Me" or "I love Jack" Click here

6.   Denny's is kind of creepy, but you get a free email to send your love
and you both get a coupon for a free cookie topped with ice cream.  Click here
You can send to your Love, your kids, your friends... Click here

I am going to order everything here and have the 12 Days of Valentines' Day 
proceeding up to the big February 14!  More will be added to this list throughout
January, please check back. 

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