Friday, March 1, 2013

Please Help Us Find

This man is a friend of a friend. He has disappeared completely. Following is a Face book post from his wife.
Two weeks ago the alarm went off and I hit the shower while Fred made me coffee, prepped my lunch, did dishes just as he does every morning. I kissed him goodbye and wished him safe travels and he stood in the garage and waved goodbye just as he does every morning. He then prepped dinner and left me the note "Di, pork chops are marinating in the fridge. If I don't beat you home I won't be too l...ate. Love, me, mine & Yours". He put three candy hearts on the note and placed it on the dining table. He brought our son to school and then visited his Mom and had a great time. Before he left he shoveled her patio and a neighbors patio and a path to the sidewalk. This is the man we're all looking for. A kind, loving man who loves and cares for his family and friends. Please don't stop looking. I won't. Not ever.

I can't imagine having a loved one disappear without a trace. Please look at this picture and pass this along and pray for everyone involved.


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