Saturday, March 28, 2015

Everything's Coming up Peeps

My sister, Carolyn, lives near the Peeps factory in Bethlehem, PA. No factory tours but there's a retail store nearby (retails stores also at Mall of America in MN and National Harbor in MD).

 If you like Peeps but not the sugar there's many "sugarless" gifts such as charms, stuffed animals of all sizes, and paperweights. 

Who needs the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, when you can follow the Peeps Mobile or Peeps Bus? 

Now, 3 flavors of Peeps milk... probably NOT available at Whole Foods Grocers or Trader Joes. smile emoticon

Decorate your beverage glasses at Easter brunch or dinner with a Peeps propped up at top.

Make a wreath for your front door to welcome guests to your home (my wreath). Hint: you don't need to use glue, just wet the back of the Peeps 
smile emoticon 

Everything's coming up Peeps in this hostess dress.

I love this list of art contests using Peeps: click here

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