Friday, December 12, 2008

Homemade Pizza Company - Cutie Pie Kit (Kid's Party in a Box) - Product Review

Listen -- our kids and their friends just enjoyed the ultimate Pizza Party last Friday night – and they did it with the help of the ultimate good-tasting, one of a kind, difficult to believe it's for real, Cutie Pie Kit from Homemade Pizza Company. It’s literally a party in a box! It’s perfect for the family that’s really big on pizza that tastes home made, but doesn’t want to leave the kitchen a disaster area. For a very reasonable price you can stop by your local Homemade Pizza Company and pick up your own Cutie Pie Kit. In just minutes you’ll be on your way to becoming Mom or Dad of the Year.

Though our girls used the Kit for their Christmas party, the Cutie Pie Pizza kits will work famously well for your family’s next Hanukkah Party, birthday get-together, sleep-over and any other excuse you come up with to eat home-made pizza without all the hassle of shopping or making it all at home. It's simple, uncomplicated, and taste tested by us!

This is how our first Official Cutie Pie Pizza party went down (it really was several slices of heaven).

First, we stopped by our conveniently located local Homemade Pizza Company and picked up our very own Cutie Pie Kit. By the way, the secret behind the HomeMade taste is disarmingly simple – they make it in their restaurant, like you would at home with natural organic ingredients.

So what came in our official Cutie Pie Kit? Look at all this! Inside this joy in a box we found:
1. Five Cutie PieTM pizza dough rounds (just the shape of a child’s smiling face).
2. Ruby red HomeMade tomato sauce (the kind that makes your heart glow red).
3. Freshly grated Mozzarella cheese (the melt in your mouth kind).
4. Your choice of three of the following tantalizingly tasty ingredients:
Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, tomato, basil, spinach,
pineapple, green pepper, and black olives (substitutions extra). We chose Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, and extra cheese (and we loved this combination).

But that’s not all! Inside this creative container of culinary surprises we found chef aprons, chef hats, and kid-friendly instructions to help theim create their own HomeMade master-pie masterpiece.

The pictures below tell the rest of the story….

"As you can tell the party goers were were ready for their own version of “Iron Cheffette America.”

That’s right – there were smiles all around with the dough!

Yet having this much fun can be serious work.

You heard of the Three Tenors? They would definitely sing the praises of this pizza.

A truly good pizza is worth 1,000 words.

Here is the face of a truly satisfied customer. The fresh organic ingredients in the Cutie Pie Kit made for amazing pizza! HomeMade Pizza gave us way too much of everything in the Cutie Pie Kit – which is why everyone ate way too much and enjoyed it way too much! Like any self-respecting pizza they ended up stuffed!

If you’re looking to build memories to last a lifetime with your kids and their friends we suggest you go out and buy your own Cutie Pie Kit from Homemade Pizza Company:
Buy Your Own Cutie Pie Kit

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Melissa said...

That looks like SO much fun, I wish I could have been there...and worn one of those chef hats! :-D