Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge - Traverse City, Michigan

"Our own personal "tent" booth in the tropical theme restaurant! There are several restaurants to choose from."

"Jump aboard, for a fun family adventure at the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park (indoor/outdoor) Fort MacKenzie and Conference Center."

"Leaping Lizards on the Frog Bog Log Walk!"

"1,000 gallons of water drop from a bucket above. Lots of pulleys, locks, and ropes to watch."

"All that water you love it and you don't."

"But you keep going back..."

"Waiting for it to happen again..."

"Better go find something else to do!"
"How about the Alberta Falls four- story high water slides?"

"Ol man river, that ol man river...He dont say nothin...He just keeps rollin, he keeps on rollin along." - Going Slow Down the Great Wolf Crooked Creek with Megan, MacKenzie, (with our friends) Grandpa Ron Campbell, Ahna Campbell
"The Lazy River has to be good for you." - Our friend Ron Campbell reloading granddaughter Ahna

"Lots of choices for fun for the little ones!"

"I can't believe how much there is to do, in so many play areas!"

"Let's go explore!"

"I double dog dare you on the Kiddie Slides!"

"See, I can do it all by myself!"

"Don't get in the water, if you don't want to get wet!"

"It will take your breath away!"

Let's go on the water snake!"

"Tell the fun and friendly snake, we are coming back to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan next year or maybe next month!"

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My son would LOVE that!!!!!