Friday, November 20, 2009

"Treasure Your Family" This Thanksgiving - Treasure Hunt 4 Pre-Thanksgiving Fun!

Get Outside While Thanksgiving Meal is Cookin'

"Treasure Your Family" Super Sleuth!

Top Secret
Clue #1: To find the next clue, it really doesn’t matter, you can reach the roof if you go outside and use the
_ _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret

Clue #2:

Now it’s time to use your wings and glide, you’ll find the next clue across the street under the yellow _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret

Clue #3:

It’s time to head home and say hi to Bo, you’ll find your next clue in a screened-in
_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret

Clue #4:

This clue requires work, so be sure to smile, you’ll find the next clue buried under the north end of a backyard leaf
_ _ _ _.

Top Secret

Clue #5:

This clue may let you race, because it’s over on the baseball field just behind first _ _ _ _.

Top Secret

Clue #6:

The clues are getting harder,
So stop your gabbin…
You’ll find the next clue inside a log _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret

Clue #7:

To win this contest you must have the strength of an ox, you’ll find the next clue inside the outside mail _ _ _.

Top Secret

Clue #8:

If you obey your mother, you’ll know you’ll please her…you’ll find the next prize inside the kitchen
_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret

Clue #9:

This game is difficult, it pushes you to the max, you’ll find the next clue under a machine that let’s you _ _ _.

Top Secret

Clue #10:

If you’ve come this far, you must be stable, the final prize is on the _ _ _ _ _.


You are The Official
Super Sleuth

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