Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Reasons It's Time for Mom to Learn Computer Skills

1.   You offer to sew new curtains for Windows 2007.
2.   You rush both your children to the doctor when they tell you the computer has a virus.
3.   You put on lipstick and earrings and a puff of extra hair spray before visiting Facebook.
4.   You asked the Best Buy salesman if you could have fries and a drink with your new Mac.
5.   You scold your son for calling his friend a Yahoo.
6.   You ask your neighbor if there really is a farmer in the Dell.
7.   Your teenager stops you just in time from putting their Blackberry in a flaky pie crust and baking it on 350.
8.   You continually correct your children's bad grammar for saying IPOD -- "You should say MEPOD instead -- and by the way, quit talking and finish your peas!"
9.   You told your daughter to stop complaining about her hard drive -- when you were her age you had to walk three miles to school (and uphill in both directions).
10. You produce a can of Raid and search for a webmaster in the house -- they could be poisonous after all.

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Random Ramblings of said...

when you find a piece of cheese laying by your mouse - HA! Great piece Cheryl.