Friday, July 30, 2010

Laugh Your Way through Parenthood

Ten Reasons it May be Time for a Parent to Call a Financial Advisor
1.            Your local bank has installed an ATM in your living room.  
2.            You’ve bounced so many checks the National Basketball Association decides to draft you.
3.            Your adjustable rate mortgage now stands at 138%.
4.            Even on-line thieves won’t steal your identity.
5.            Your 401K is now a 101B.
6.            At the rate your pension fund is growing you’ll be able to afford a comfortable retirement – when you turn 109.
7.            Your stock market investments spark another Great Depression.
8.            The government issues you a Social Insecurity Number.
9.           You think Fannie Mae is where you can buy chocolate truffles.
10.         The only hedge you have against inflation grows red berries in the back yard.

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