Thursday, October 21, 2010

Help, Mom's Stuck on Spin Cycle CD and Mini-Book by Cheryl Moeller

Sample Page From the Mini-Book, that comes also with a CD: 

Proverbs 15:13 - "A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit." 

Ten Reasons Why Not All Your New Year’s Resolutions May Stick
Mom often makes well-meaning and noble resolutions at the beginning of her New Year, but if
we check in just one week later….well, we find reality has set in, and Mom has adjusted her goals slightly.

1. January 1: “My children and I will learn Modern Hebrew this
One Week Later: “My children and I will eat one dozen bagels with
2. January 1: “I will get the kids the pet they’ve always wanted.”
One Week Later: “I will buy a collar and a leash for my Chia Pet®.”
3. January 1: “I will make homemade yogurt from only organic
One Week Later: “I will allow my children only two Go-Gurts® in
their mouths at a time.”
4. January 1: “I will take my children to a museum once a month.”
One Week Later: “I will show my kids where I ate super chili dogs
in high school.”
5. January 1: “I will feature a Van Gogh painting each month on our
coffee table.”
One Week Later: “I will make my van go to Starbucks each day for
a coffee.”
6. January 1: “I will make a time for reading each day.”
One Week Later: “I will read the back of grocery store receipts
to see if I have earned enough points to get the free featured
7. January 1: “I will slow down this year and get the rest I need.”
One Week Later: “I will slow down so I don’t get arrested again this
8. January 1: “I will use only one email address.”
One Week Later: “I will go from eight to seven email addresses.”
9. January 1: “I will not only wash, but also dry, all our dirty dishes
immediately after each meal.”
One Week Later: “I will train my cat to dry dishes; the dog already
washes them.”
10. January 1: “We will never eat food in the car this year.”
One Week Later: “We will quit using our gas grill in the back seat.”

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Anonymous said...

I love those adjusted New Year resolutions! Very, very funny. You go girl, comedian woman, you! :-)