Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Treasure Your Family" Super Sleuth!

Enjoy your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews on Thanksgiving Day. We wrote this to encourage you to have fun.  Everything you need is included here (you might need to tweak slightly).

Top Secret
Clue #1:
To find the next clue, it really doesn’t matter, you can reach the roof if you go outside and use the _ _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret
Clue #2:
Now it’s time to use your wings and glide, you’ll find the next clue outside under the _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret
Clue #3:
Don't you know, it’s time to send-o, you’ll find your next clue in an inside  screen _ _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret
Clue #4:
This clue requires work, so be sure to smile, you’ll find the next clue buried under the north end of a backyard leaf _ _ _ _.

Top Secret
Clue #5:
This clue may let you race, because it’s over on the baseball field just behind first _ _ _ _.

Top Secret
Clue #6:
The clues are getting harder.  When you ride a horse you need stirrups, look inside the frig... you’ll find the clue taped to the sticky _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret
Clue #7:
To win this contest you must have the strength of an ox, you’ll find the next clue inside the outside mail _ _ _.

Top Secret
Clue #8:
If you obey your mother, you’ll know you’ll please her...
you’ll find the next prize inside the kitchen _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Top Secret
Clue #9:
This game is difficult, it pushes you to the max, you’ll find the next clue under a machine that let’s you _ _ _.

Top Secret
Clue #10:
If you’ve come this far, you must be really stable,
the final prize is on the _ _ _ _ _.

(Your turkey is your final destination.)
(For children, add some more prizes also, or tears might flow!)

You are The Official
Super Sleuth!

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