Wednesday, April 13, 2011

11 Ways You Know it's Time for Some "Mommy Alone Time"

Mommies need a little break every once in a while.  You know it's time for a mommy break:
1. When instead of on the nail side, you use your red nail polish on the other side of your thumb.

2. When you start laughing hysterically for no reason and the result is other mommies jumping over your fence with one leap.

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3. When you use startusing your own hair brush not only for a microphone , but also for directing traffic.

4. When you don't even know that the shoe you can't get your foot into belongs to your three year old.

5. When you show up downtown with empty bags for the candy that will be thrown at the parade, but it's the 4th of June.

6. When you think the trending words on twitter are mommy's spelling words for the week.

7.  When you are substituting all the ingredients in a recipe, but not just one or two.

8.  When you think sharing alternate uses for a baby wipe with people you have never met at Starbucks is normal behavior.

9. When You throw a fit to prevent your toddler from throwing one.

10. When you get mxied up and think the little hands on your clock are the ones that need to be washed.

11. When you forget that draperies are for opening, not swinging on.

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