Friday, December 2, 2011

This Christmas... Give Jesus

The Search for Our Advent Calendar: 

We went in search of an Advent Calendar for our family devotions this month.  Little did we know we were on almost an uphill search something akin to the geographical exploration of Dr. Livingston in southern and central Africa in the mid 1880s.  We could only find advent calendars with windows that opened to chocolate reindeer, red and green gummy worms, and Bart Simpson. 

Dr. Livingston believed the Nile River source was in the wrong spot.  But, many other things he was right about.  Regardless of the good he did with his map making, his heart eventually changed to an eternal perspective.  Dr. Livingston's life changed and he began to see his exploration for the purpose not of making maps, but making disciples. It was when he went on his Zambezi expedition that his spirit turned from the good to the Best. 

Not that we don't like chocolate and gummy worms, but we wanted an Advent calendar where every window opened to Scripture and then finally on December 24th to Jesus!

Our long expedition ended when we finally found several possibilities at Christian bookstores, Hallmark Stores, and Hallmark brands at Walgreens (including one that also featured chocolate pieces).

Go out today and find your's.  Then, thank the stores that carry Christian Advent calendars and buy several extras for friends and family.

This Christmas... Give Jesus

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