Tuesday, May 29, 2012

There's More Than One Way to Skin A Rabbit

Roadside Sign I saw on a fence post during a recent vacation to Michigan:

And as a mom, I'm thinking....

1.  Is "farm raised" as opposed to "field raised"? 

2.  Is "farm raised" as opposed to "road kill"?

3.  If I raise "farm raised" rabbits real civil like as opposed to shoveling a "road kill" rabbit
will someone pay me for one?

4.  Will my children be more apt to eat "farm raised" rabbits as opposed to "road kill"

5.  Does it sound more edible to be "farm raised" RABBITS as opposed to "farm raised"
bunnies (since they sound so cute, cuddly, and pet-like)?

6.  Why is it Okay to eat Bambi's mommy but not Bambi? 

7.  How will I know if it's not Bambi?

8.  How will I know if it's not "road kill"?

9.  Why is "wild caught" salmon better for you, but not "wild caught" rabbit?

10.  And, what should I write on a gift card, if I am gifting the "farm raised" rabbits to a friend?
"Rabbit up real pretty, it's a gift!"

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