Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not Me!

NOT me.  I did not go through MacDonalds drive-through three times in a row this morning. First time I did not go through for my own latte and then remembered that MacKenzie wanted orange juice not me no not me!  I did not go around the building and through the drive-through again. (I wasn't too lazy to run to Walgreens for the orange juice.)  Not me.
 Then, not me, no I did not go around the building again and through the drive-through for the third time because I remembered that Megan wanted a latte too. I did not tell the guy in the window that I am kind of like Joshua and the Battle of Jericho and that I was going to go around the building seven times. The clerk did not seem that alarmed, at least not as alarmed as when one morning I forgot I had curlers n my hair and went through the MacDonalds drive-through for coffee.
No, that could not have been me who did that.

The window clerk did not go and tell every worker in the MacDonalds kitchen and soon 11 people were staring at me through the window. I acted like there was nothing different or wrong, but they sure were staring and whispering.   No, not me.  I didn't have curlers in my hair and no I would never go out in public like that. 
Not Me’s!

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