Monday, July 23, 2012

10 Things I'll Never Say to my Children Anytime Soon...

….Why waste all that time, all those hours, all that toothpaste brushing your teeth?

…Nevermind we adults are exactly like you, we are just grown-up kids.

…Don’t you want to get up later?  I admit I've just been jealous of your sleeping in.

…Please quit hogging the dog, you never let me have a turn to take care of Marshmallow.

…It turns out we don’t all have to learn how to play the piano, I apologize for all those long lessons.

…Your brother actually played thousands more video games than you do, so go for it.

…I'm so tired of the beautiful multi-color sweet smelling rose garden at the park, let’s go home.

…Let’s forget the dirt bike ride on nature mountain trail and just watch television all weekend.

…I think traveling 60,000 miles to eat at Burger King was worth the trip, don't you dad?

...I'm so very sorry for living my life through you, just because I wanted to play the violin and be a lifeguard...

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