Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer, Kids, and the Olympics

I pamper by serving cold beverages in chilled or frozen glasses.

Arizonians know trees are the best invention for shade.
Driven by a trailer in the country with a mother cat sitting underneath?
Kids learn what a summer tree is for when they get hot enough.

Life was simple when a cold washcloth on the forehead was the
cure for problems.

A tepid cup of tea lacks passion.
Feel the hot of coffee even in the summer.

Before church nurseries, parents would sit
on the back row "Cherrio Row" with their fidgety children.

I love Cheerios, cut bananas, and ice cold milk.

I love Baby Magic Lotion.
Baby's soft skin doesn't need it but we smooth it on
because we are drawn to the irresistible aroma.

I've had more than one child tell me that if I would
have been as encouraging to them as Michael Jordan's mom
was to him, they would be in the Olympics.

I love my kids.

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