Sunday, August 12, 2012

33rd Summer Fading

I love seeing leafy branches through windows when I wake.
I love Bob my husband's one day old morning beard.
I love fresh fruit with skim milk as my morning cereal on the deck.
I love to hear Bob's voice read Psalms with birds as background music.
I love premiums at the coffee shop worth drinking another cup. 

I love our grandson reminding us of his wagon ride by pulling the wagon over.

I love the red bench two miles away on our morning walk.

I love Red, White, and Blue waving in the wind.

I love our dog, Boaz, a faithful friend who loves everyone he meets.

I love my older daughter braiding little sister's sun-bleached hair on the wooden pier.
I love fresh avocados on everything, absolutely everything.

I love my sons jumping over the hot campfire, but no love for the danger.
I love the lake cooling off again with summer fading.

I love thinking of days ahead orange leaves and apple smells
I love to be married for the 33rd summer.


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Granny-Guru said...

Just coming up on our 45th winter. He made it snow on our blind date :)