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Start September off Free - Free Kindle Book - Newest Release for Bob and Cheryl Moeller

Bestseller: 100 Nearly Free Ways to Market Your Book [Kindle Edition]  Click here

First sit down, you might need to sit down for what we are going to tell you, it might make you dizzy. Our newest book is free on Kindle!

Our new Kindle book, Bestseller: 100 Nearly Free Ways to Market your Book is free!!!!

Do you need help marketing your book? 

Bob and Cheryl in Bestseller: 100 Nearly Free Ways to Market your Book give 100 free or inexpensive ways that they have personally used in marketing their popular 14 books. Authors and national conference speakers since 1992, even with some of their published books with Christian national publishing companies, still needed do some extra book marketing themselves. 

Bob and Cheryl Moeller

Without a huge budget, they marketed with big and small ideas (some out-of-the-box) that all added up to some big results. These are up-to-date and sure bet marketing ideas that can be used in a variety of settings for a variety of things. 

Cheryl, a former literary agent (from 1992-2002), has been teaching Cheryl's Writing, Publishing, E-Reader Publishing, Storytelling, Speaking, and Blogging Conference Part I for four years.  

Then in 2012, she added Cheryl's Marketing Conference for Writing, Storytelling, and Publishing Part II.  While teaching the marketing conference in July 2012, she realized that she was pretty much reading lists to the students (and they were falling asleep) and answering their questions (which they woke up for).  

The brilliant thought hit her that maybe she could make the 100 Nearly Free Ways to Market Your Book into a bestselling book.  At her next Cheryl's Marketing Conference for Writing, Storytelling, and Publishing Part II, it will be the required text to read before the conference.  And, pretty much Part II of the conference will be a Q and A with lots of coffee.   

As a former literary agent and now teaching the business, Cheryl seems to specializing in figuring out pitch ideas for her students to pursue.  It's going to go this way, you'll be at one of her conferences and she will figure out an idea for you after meeting and getting to know what you are all about.

Click here to find out more about our book becoming a Bestseller?  Ready to get a Bestseller?  And, then get it for free for the next four days!  

Moeller bio below:

Bio for Bob and Cheryl Moeller

Bob and Cheryl Moeller are the co-founders of For Better, For Worse, For Keeps Ministries, a ministry dedicated to healing hearts and restoring marriages in under-served communities

Bob, D.Min, is the weekly host of a nationally broadcast television call-in show, “Marriage—For Better, For Worse” on the Total Living Network Television He also conducts weekend marriage and singles conferences around the nation. He has been nominated for two Gold Medallion Book Awards. He has written articles for such publications as Focus on the Family, Marriage Partnership, and Christianity Today. Bob holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Cheryl, M.A.R., is a seasoned mom, homemaker, conference speaker, and standup comic. She speaks at women’s conferences and writing conferences in the Midwest. She uses comedy, cooking demos, and Biblical speaking to make life a little easier for women. She is a syndicated columnist including at and has written for and Marriage Partnership.

Bob has been married to his favorite co-author, Cheryl, for 33 years.  They have co-authored or written separately 14 books, five on marriage.  They also love to swim, bike, hike, and watch their kids’ sports events. They have six children, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law, one grandson, Benjamin, and a faithful collie dog named Bo, who loves everyone he meets.

Bio for Terry Windquist
Terry Windquist, Master Photographer, has won numerous awards for her photography.  Her photographs have been on display at Kodak's Epcot Center and her work has been selected for PPA's Traveling National Loan Collection.  Various magazines and publications have featured Terry's photographs.

Terry Windquist is a cousin to Cheryl.

Reach Terry for photography, graphic ads, and book covers at or

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