Tuesday, May 7, 2013

12 Mother's Day Frugal or Free Gifts

I have observed this through the years...  On Mother's Day people drive their cars real slow with mom in tow.  On Father's Day, dad's day, they blast around corners without braking and floor it out on the expressways.  

If you have more holidays than money this year, here's some options for Frugal and Free for Mom.  If she complains, tell her that she trained you well to be thrifty...

1. has free first pair of glasses.  Both of our two younger daughters took advantage of this and we are happy with the designer glasses.  Only had to pay for shipping

2.  About 1/3 of my Harvest House Publishers' cookbook is free every day of every week on books, Creative Slow Cooker Meals:  On Amazon books and other online websites, you can get 1/3 my cookbook for free, seriously, this is true of most books on online sites and also on on google books.  To know my cookbook is to love it click here

3. Cool printables like banners and random stuff
Free Mother's Day Stuff on Freebie-Depot  
Pinterest Mother's Day Ideas 
Click here

4.  Free Admission to Local Public Gardens on National Public Gardens Day, Saturday, May 11, 2013.  Print off as many coupons as you need. Click here

5. Mom cute gift tags Neat labels Free printables from Paper Coterie Click here

Printables from Coolmompicks

6.  Chill your salad plates.  A simple gesture for Mother's Day means a lot.
Keep the thought going even after Mother's Day...  Stack and store glass salad plates in the frig on a bottom shelf.  Put foil over the top plate and all the rest of the plates will stay clean because they are hidden/stacked.  My fav salad is equal amounts of cut avocado and  cut tomatoes, served cold.  

7.  Free Marriage Conferences For Better For Worse For Keeps future events or buy CD 4-Part Set or DVD 4-Part Set of a conference 

8. Help! Mom's Stuck on Spin Cycle by Cheryl Moeller Moms laugh their way through Mother's Day

as Kindle 

as paperback  

9.  A perfect picture Mother's dream.  Give her free luggage tags (google to find some you can personalize, also) in a Mother's Day card to represent that fab vacation you are going to take her on this summer.  A luggage tag says 1,000 words (actually about 10 words) but you score big points on May 12 but don't have to redeem them until July.  Click here for newest printable luggage tags

Duct tape Trendy fabric Laminated fabric Luggage Tags on ehow


Is your mom old?  

I mean is your mom vintage?  

I mean does youR mom like vintage?  click here

Picture from 

11. Andrea, the queen of
I love Andrea Fabry's Luscious Healthy Soaps.  I just ran out today. I know I better get some of Andrea's soaps on Mother's Day Sunday or I am ordering myself on Mother's Day Monday Click here 

12.  Nerdly Cell Phone Necklace
I don't care what anyone thinks; I can never find my cell phone when it's ringing.  My friend (mom and professor) Dr. Cheryl Ann Luczak wears one...So this mom Cheryl Anne is going too, also.  Click here 

Happy Mother's Day! Luv

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