Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Outdoor Rinks Preferred

I love an ice skate escape on a moonlit night
Skating tightly hand in hand with my husband
I love spring winter fall but Old Man Winter best
Freedom to walk on frozen water only cold brings

Walking across the iced-up lake instead of around it
I love saving all fall for a new pair of ice skates

Skating on vintage skates with wooden runners
I love shovels pushing snow off winter's lake

I love summer heat in our gigantic family thermos
Hearing grinding my skates being sharpened

I love homemade mittens for warm fashion
You won't skate long without long underwear on.

I love my kids in matching yellow puffy parkas
Pretending we're all in the rigid nutcracker march

I love everyone I know gathering at the ice rink
Chilling, Spilling, Swirling, Twirling, Curling

I love Warming House like a north woods cabin
Reminds me of a swimming pool locker room

I love stoneware mugs keeping hot chocolate hot
I love bonfires on the shore at night with no other lights on

by Cheryl Moeller


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