Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Insanity Relief

Need relief from the insanity of some days? Then order the perfect gift -A Papyrus Pilot XL. You won't have to buy expensive laptops, palm computers, or Internet phones to be hip, cutting-edge and so-today in your use of personal technology. Buy a Papyrus Pilot and start entering the truly important data of your life. This sassy little notebook can change your life.

Papyrus Pilot is a spiral notebook with nine subtabs - which include the following divisions: (We have had 100s of categories submitted by faithful Papyrus Pilot users and these are the ones who were chosen from many.)

People Who are Mad at Me

Dress Sizes I Can't Fit Into

Dreams Deferred

Things I can Hold Against my Children

Gifts I've Asked for and Never Recieved

Vacations I've Never Taken

Edible Foods I have found under couch cushions

Order for all your girlfriends and sisters an outrageous, fun gift to bring a smile to their faces. Order for your aunts and your grandmother and laugh your way through Christmas.

Want to instant message someone? It's easier than ever with Papyrus Pilot. Forget the tiny keyboard. With Papyrus Pilot, just write the information on a piece of genuine, undigital paper, tear it off and hand it to them. It's instant! It's a message!