Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just in time for Christmas and Hanukkah... The New Chicago Sticky Bun Diet

"I am a happy customer" - Uncle Chuck from St. Paul

Have you tried the New Chicago Sticky Bun Diet? It can reverse the healthy effects of weight loss and aerobic daily exercise in just a matter of minutes. You can add back those sightly pounds you've just lost and you can enjoy the taste of hot cinnamon and sticky yeast dough at the same time. Forget those fad diets that promise you dozens and dozens of pounds in a day or two if you buy their product -- only to lose them again and again. The Chicago Sticky Bun diet is clinically proven (at least we eat them outside our doctor's clinic) to add all the excess cholesterol, high HDL's, and dense body fat you want and stick there for years to come! So hurry now and order a dozen of calorie-rich Chicago Sticky Buns at 1-800-Pig-Outs. Operators are standing by - many with their mouths stuffed full.


Jungheims said...

I'll take two dozen for myself and an extra dozen for my family! It's about time I let myself go even more! =)

CB said...

Sign me up!
I am absolutely confident that I can successfully complete this program. I will not cheat once. I am motivated to eat only the item pictured. I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully "stick" to this wonderfully innovative program until my "buns".....uh.......oh, never mind......nobody wants to know what might happen next! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well Cheryl, love that description of those wonderful sticky buns. What a riot! Thanks for the laugh.