Friday, November 21, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a Kangaroo

(Big Jackson One Room Schoolhouse, Big Jackson, MI was one of the schools where
Marvel Windquist taught.)

My Grandma Windquist was one of the last one room schoolhouse teachers in Michigan.
She retired in 1969.

Grandpa Windquist's farm was near the Big Jackson crossroads. At the crossroads there was just the one room schoolhouse and a church. Big Jackson is in Newaygo County, north of Big Rapids, MI.

Through the years, Grandma lovingly knitted and crocheted made us all baby blankets, afagans, mittens, and gloves.

One Thanksgiving she whispered to my mom she was knitting cardigan
sweaters for all 12 of the grandchildren for Christmas. Grandma was way before her
time, being cool with knitting.

I overheard the conversation and told my three sisters, we were all getting knitted kangaroos. Being the youngest sister, I felt very cool and important that I had the inside information.

I was shocked Christmas morning, when we received knitted cardigan
sweaters intead!

Moral: Don't listen in on other people's conversations.

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Jungheims said...

Too cute! Where did you ever find a crocheted kangaroo for the pic? You are good!