Friday, November 28, 2008

The Hidden Jewel of Chicago -- The Eaglewood Resort and Spa, Itasca, Illinois

Hidden in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago is one of the most picturesque and
family-friendly resorts in the Midwest, Eaglewood Resort and Spa. For our family
of seven (eight actually, but one is living overseas) Eaglewood at Thanksgiving
helped make memories to last a lifetime. My husband Bob, along with our children
Rob, Brent, Andrew, Megan, and MacKenzie spent an incredible weekend together
finding something for everyone in our large clan of kids.

Let me tell you more about this one of a kind get-away right in the midst of
Chicago's bustling suburbs.

From the moment you drive around the winding road leading to the resort you're
immediately drawn into another world.

What Bob and I particularly enjoyed was the pamper-you-to-death experience we
enjoyed in the Eaglewood Spa. From the moment we walked in we were greeted by a
friendly and professional staff, who handed us terry cloth bath robes so thick
and soft that the "I never want to give this back" factor set in immediately.

Overstuffed chairs, soft-lit candles, and complimentary refreshments certainly put in the mood for the Spa treatments that were soon to come. By the time they were done, we had both deleted stress and worry from our vocabulary for the week. We sipped hot rasberry tea and relished the relaxation for just a few minutes more.

The Frank Lloyd Wright inspired architect throughout the buildings was amazing. We also enjoyed the high vaulted ceilings in the lobby, the cozy fireplace...

I snapped a picture of our family on the way to Thanksgiving Dinner

There are several different restaurants throughout the resort including Burnhams

The Thanksgiving Dinner in the glass-walled Prairie Restaurant (the stunning architecture obviously inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright) was the perfect holiday gift for me (particularly because it fell on my birthday as well). The wait staff was amazing in their ability to service a table of five kids and two adults from appetizers to dessert (we give them 5 stars). We enjoyed succulent turkey slices, mouth-watering mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, hot homemade rolls with Dijon butter, and crisp salads for the introductory courses. It wasn't hard to give thanks for this Thanksgiving meal which we topped off with one steak sandwhich (there's always one child who doesn't like turkey), a large cheese pizza (who cares -- we all like the stuff), and Hagen-Das chocolate Sundays. The homemade Thanksgiving dinner that mom could have made was enjoyed by all.

After such major over-nourishment it was time to enjoy some recreation to combat
the somnambulatory effects of the turkey (you know -- it makes you want to do is
to sleep until Monday). There were so many choices for family activities right at the resort, it was hard to choose what to do first. We decided on the professional, high-tech bowling alley, complete with snacks and free bowling shoes> It brought out the competitor in all of us. With bright colored monitors above keeping score and offering its own brand of special effects each time a child bowled a strike or spare, it was a Maximum Fun Zone for the entire family.

In the bowling area, there was also a game room and refreshments that no one wanted to leave.

Day Two

No one had to distrupt their work out schedule! Eaglewood has a beautiful exercise room with state of the art bikes, treadmills, weight machines, and more.

What a beautiful day for golfing, even though it was November 28! The magnificent Eaglewood Golf Course spans much of the 100 plus acres of Eaglewood. Immacuately manicured and a delightful challenge whether playing amateur or pro, the golf course is open even into the late weeks of November. It is the perfect opportunity to get in the last enjoyable strokes of golf before the winters of Illinois arrive.

The swimming pool offered a rare treat we hadn't encountered before. A giant
flat screen mounted on one wall offered "The Bee Movie" for kids to splash and
dog-paddle their way through. Come on in, the water's fine

Meanwhile, Dad and Mom took particularly joy in the piping hot hot-tub, dry sauna, and oh-so-relaxing steam room. Private wood-paneled lockers, soft downy towels, and immaculate dressing rooms added to the total experience.

The rooms at Eaglewood reflect the excellence we found in every other amenity.
We enjoyed a large suite complete with king bed, a tastefully modern fold-out
sofa for the smaller children, luxuriously soft down comforters and a box of
designer "to die for" chocolates with the name "Eaglewood" imprinted on the white chocolate. It almost seemed a shame to eat what looked like a work of art (but we did anyway). Our older kids had rooms with amenities for young adults and teenagers.

What else can we say about the spectacular views from the balcony of each room, the oversized work station desks in each room, and so much more? If you're looking for the ideal place to bring your family together for an experience you'll all treasure for holidays to come -- may we suggest the Eaglewood? It is indeed the Hidden Jewel of Chicago you need to discover. It's affordable especially because your family entertainment is right at the resort.

I have a great idea for a Special Holiday Gift

Eaglewood has a wonderful gift shop and also a golf pro shop. Stop by Eaglewood and buy a beautiful shirt. Wrap up your purchased gift shirt with a gift certificate for a weekend for two or 1/2 day at the spa for someone special. It's a personal gift your family member will long remember.

Christmas Events Coming up...

Our thanks to the management and staff at Eaglewood Resort and Spa who gave us a weekend away that we won't soon forget. Make your upcoming holiday plans now at the Eaglewood, where luxury is standard.

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