Monday, May 4, 2009

"Low Maintenance" is a good thing this summer!

I have a friend who wants to be "Low Maintenance." I know
she does, because she has told me. And, she really already is.

Elyse is the kind of friend that I call, when something
upsetting happens, because she truly listens. She asks questions
to find out more about my situation or to get me to talk. She
wants details of the events and details of how I am feeling.

When she has a parenting question, sometimes she asks me.
I feel honored. Did you know that asking a friend for their
opinion is a way of honoring a friend?

Elyse smiles. Elyse laughs at my jokes. She's nice. She cares.
She's an awesome mom of four kids.

Elyse is the kind of person that I would want to take on a vacation
with me. I would take her, even on a cross country trip, because
..... well, she's "Low Maintenance."

"Hey Elyse, let's go to New York City tomorrow!"

She would probably say, "yes!"

Elyse doesn't need a certain brand. She's not allergic to life or to
herself. She probably would only take a backpack with her, even
if she was coming along for a week.

I want to be like Elyse.

"Low Maintenance" is my new goal. It's my goal for relationships.

It's also my goal for this summer with homeschooling.

We need to work on math and spelling this summer and I am
going to depend on time4learning's summer program. It's easy to use.
It's excellent. I also think it's "low maintenance."

And it leaves time for swimming, also. See you at the beach!

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