Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cheryl's St. Patty's Day Breakfast


4 cups hashed brown potatoes, refrigerated or frozen, loose pack
1/2 cup Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
1 cup bell pepper, chopped
1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese
1/2 cup onion, chopped and 1 cup cooked asparagus, cooked and blended
9 eggs, beaten
1 cup light cream, or half and half  (or I use skim milk)

Thaw potatoes, if frozen. Then press the potatoes between paper towels to remove excess moisture.
Pour 1 cup olive oil in 11" x 13" pan and push around.  Arrange potatoes evenly in the bottom. Bake uncovered in a preheated 400° F. oven for 20 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 350° F. On top of the potatoes in the pan, layer Monterey Jack cheese, sauteed onions and peppers, and Swiss cheese.

Sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper.  In small mixing bowl, combine the eggs, blended cooked asparagus, and light cream or skim milk. Pour egg mixture over potato, veggies, and cheese mixture in pan. Sprinkle heavily with Lawry's Seasoning Salt.  Bake uncovered in the 350° oven about 25 minutes, or until the center appears set. Makes 6 servings.

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