Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our favorite Valentine's Day Memory is with My Sister Cathy

Cathy and I in Warren, Michigan

Bob and I have many favorite Valentine's memories, but our favorite one is with my sister Cathy.  She has special needs and is physically challenged.  She's my Irish Twin as she is only 11 months older than me.  

One year she was visiting us during Valentine's Week.  Bob and I went out to get lunch for all of us and when we returned we got a really big Valentine's Day surprise from Cathy.  She swung the front door open and shouted, "Happy Valentine's Day!"  She had redressed in red from head to toe.  She had on a red headband, necklace, and bow.  Her shirt and vest were red.  Cathy's skirt was bright red and so were her socks.  Big red shoes adorned her feet.  (The sweetest thing is that all of these shades of red were different colors such as dark red, pink, ruby red, periwinkle, maroon, orange, and mauve, but Cathy didn't care it was about love not fashion.)

She was telling us Happy Valentine's Day with her whole self.  She was all jazzed up about Valentine's Day and wanted us to feel loved.  Happy Valentine's Day Cathy.  We love you!!
Cathy and I in Warren, Michigan

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