Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrate the Ordinary with the Best of the Midwest!

My mom reads "101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary" every day.  She says
it really helps her and puts life in perspective for her.  My mom is a Midwesterner
through and through.  She was born on a dairy farm north of Big Rapids, MI and has 
lived most of her 81 years in MI, IN, and OH. 

I agree with my mom about the gift book 101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary.  I am crazy about it also and suggest it frequently as a help for mild depression.  I am quite
serious about this!

It also makes a perfect gift for just about everyone including a sister, neighbor, mom, 
grandmother, aunt, niece, cousin or a friend.  

Meet the author, Midwesterner Diane Reed Loew "Farmer's Wife."
Diane Loew is the author of 101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary and hosts her own radio show.  She's also a columnist at,  Grand Rapids Press,  and several other sites including here at the

Farmer's Wife's Wiggles and Wigglettes

It was not until I moved to the Southwest that I truly appreciated the Midwest.
Mind you I only stayed in the Southwest for two long years. I kissed the ground literally when we moved back. 
101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary is 100 percent Midwest snippets.  It's the
definition of and best of Midwestern life.  I suggest it not only as a gift, but also to my writing students as a great example for them to follow in writing a gift book.  

Try my mom's idea - read 101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary often and see
if your spirits don't rise or even soar.

                                           Check out 101 Ways to  Celebrate the Ordinary

Please leave a comment here as to how you celebrate the ordinary in your little spot.

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