Saturday, March 17, 2012

School Photos - This Made me Really Laugh!

One bad school picture can haunt you forever.  Believe me.  I speak from experience.

I was home feigning illness the day my fourth-grade pictures were taken.  So I posed
on another day, for another photographer more fond of extreme close-ups than his
predecessor. As it turned out, the picture looked fine - until it was pasted into the
school yearbook. 

Next to all the head and shoulder portraits of my classmates, my all-cranium shot
made me look like something out of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  For the
next two years I was known as "Balloon Head Burkett."

Wait.  There's more.  Thirty years later, I ran into an old grade-school chum.
After a very pleasant conversation, he said, "Hey... didn't you used to have, like,
a really big head?  It looks fairly normal now.  Did you have surgery or something?"

- written by author and columnist Michael Burkett


Nothing to do with the funny story above, but this is Momlaughs in 1st grade
at Macomb Park Elementary School in Warren, Michigan.  I am in the middle
on the bottom row

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Mrs. Dani said...

One of the many things I love about Homeschooling is school pictures. Two years ago, my kids' pics were in front of the Alamo. This last year, their school pic is in front of the Grand Canyon. This year's is is front (or rather under) the Arch in St Louis. Our best friends is in front of Mt Rushmore.

It is funny to hear the comments when they trade school pics with their public school friends. "Oh man! That is so cool. "