Monday, March 12, 2012

Text Messaging for Preschoolers

There comes a time in every child's life when they are finally too old for the baby monitor... That's when it's time to move on to cell phone text messaging between you and your preschoolers. Forget those outdated phonetics and learning the ABC's -- today's hip family is moving straight into texting. Everything these days from business alerts to love notes are getting abbreviated in texts. Kids don't need to learn to read "See Spot run." They need to be able to alert their mothers to pending demands for munchies: *S4C = Starving for Cookies. See how it works?

Look at all the positive advantages to staying in touch with your preschoolers by texting... You can stay in close communication when you are at the stove and they are sitting at the table building a Lego castle. 

Another advantage is that your preschooler is more apt to respond to your text message than your voice. Let's say your four year old is going on a bike ride with dad. Don't yell out the door, "Kyle are you wearing your helmet? That is so yesterday. Just text him, K RU Wearing HMIT? He's sure to answer with something like, HOSBO. (Helmet on and seatbelt on.)

Texting is quicker and allows for more discreet conversation when called for. For instance, say your child is at grandma's and you remember you didn't send along a diaper. Simply text: RYPT (Remember your Potty Training). When he has a discreet moment he can text message back, 2 LATE.

Texting allows preschoolers to strengthen eye-hand coordination, build small motor skills and increase vocabulary. Where else do four year olds get to practice on an area the size of a small tooth? It's worth noting that while tots as tiny as three are able to grasp the art of texting, adults, on the other hand, are frequently reduced to tears trying to find the comma on their cell keypad. We recommend checking out resources to help you at your local library such as, Pushing Buttons for Dummies and Grownups.

Text messaging can also be used to help build your preschooler's self-esteem. Simply send random messages as, URGR8 @ PD (You are great at Play Dough). Your child should never wonder at any given moment what you are thinking.
To aid you in your journey toward cyber-nurture here's a handy and up-to-date dictionary of common 

Preschool Texting Messages and Answers:

SGHWYCT = Show Grandma how well you can talk
G3GO3 = Gaa, Gaa, Gaa, Goo, Goo, Goo

TYN = Take Your Nap
IYD = In your dreams

EYB = Eat Your Broccoli
FVC = Favorite Cereal

NMSOCP = Need more sugar on Cocoa Puffs
DC = Diaper Change?
2 Late = No translation necessary.

*VIN4C = Starving for Cookies
OHFFS = Only Healthy Food for Snacks
PMSOHH = Put More Syrup on Ho-Ho's

IJMYT = I just made you tofu
RUK? = Are you kidding?

SC$SH = Success with Shopping (found Pampers 50% off)
SB? = Seatbelt On?
PT = Potty Training
2 Late

SC = Drink Your Sippy Cup
JC2LCC = Just Chugged 2 Liter Coca-Cola

TMM = Text Message Me Urgent Please
CTHDFC = Can't Talk, Helping Dad Find Comma 

It should be noted that a recent study found that irritated tots were turning off their new technology gadgets at an alarming rate and climbing into their parent's laps to demand stories and facetime instead.

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