Thursday, February 7, 2013

At least our grandson can Text us now. :)

To aid you in your journey toward cyber-nurture here's a handy and up-to-date dictionary of common Preschool Text Messages and Answers:
SGHWYCT = Show Grandma how well you can talk
G3GO3 = Gaa, Gaa, Gaa, Goo, Goo, Goo

TYN = Take Your Nap
IYD = In your dreams

EYB = Eat Your Broccoli
FVC = Favorite Cereal

NMSOCP = Need more sugar on Cocoa Puffs

DC = Diaper Change?
2 Late = No translation necessary.

*VIN4C = Starving for Cookies

OHFFS = Only Healthy Food for Snacks
PMSOHH = Put More Syrup on Ho-Ho's

IJMYT = I just made you tofu
RUK? = Are you kidding?

SC$SH = Success with Shopping (found Pampers 50% off)

SB? = Seatbelt On?

PT = Potty Training
2 Late

SC = Drink Your Sippy Cup
JC2LCC = Just Chugged 2 Liter Coca-Cola

TMM = Text Message Me Urgent Please
CTHDFC = Can't Talk, Helping Dad Find Comma

It should be noted that a recent study found that irritated tots were turning off their new technology gadgets at an alarming rate and climbing into their parent's laps to demand stories and facetime instead.

by Cheryl Moeller Momlaughs

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