Friday, February 22, 2013

Where Does Milk Come From?

"Does Milk Come From the Guy's Arm in the Dairy Section at the Grocers who Puts out the Milk Cartons?"

God Made a Farmer Commercial made a huge splash as a Super Bowl Commercial, but how many of us really know a farmer?  And, what about the farmer's wife?  

Listen online or podcast, Thursday, February 21, on This is the Day! Show with Host Nancy Turner, Co-host Diana Berryman, and Producer Elizabeth Henderson, talking with our lifelong friends Wendell and Diane Loew, dairy farmers from western Michigan. 

Wendell and Diane will be sharing about "God Made a Farmer" and Diane's adaptation of God Made a Farmer called God Created a Farm Wife.  Read Diane adaption on her website.

Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial
Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial "God Made a Farmer"

24 Hours on the Farm by Diane Reed Loew

Diane's gift book, the perfect book to give and keep, 101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary by Diane Reed Loew, available on her website, A Farm Wife

101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary is a super gift for every woman on your spring gift list.

"I love this book!  A great way to cheer yourself or someone else up.  101 Ways to Celebrate the Ordinary by Diane Reed Loew  Buy two and you will feel better by morning." - Cheryl

Diane the unique ability to see one of God's biggest blessings. The Ordinary.  Day by day the Ordinary passes without a glance from us. This book will help you unlock the treasures of the Ordinary in your life. Buy here now

Wendell and Diane Loew 

Wendell Loew is a third generation farmer from Allegan County. After he attended high school, Wendell pursued engineering but quickly realized he was called to farm and returned home to work with his father and brother. Since then, the farm has tripled in size. Wendell now farms with three of his four sons. He divides his time managing the farm and staying current with dairy issues and succession planning.

At the young age of 18, Diane Loew graduated high school and walked down the church marriage aisle and onto a farm. After successfully raising four sons and being married to the same wonderful farmer for over 41 years, Diane felt a duty to give back to motherhood and life in general through writing. She enjoys living on a dairy farm with 1500 BEBs (brown eyed bossies) who provide great fodder for ramblings. Today, her life is full of cooking, baking, friends, and being Grama to 8 of the best wigglies. She keeps busy working part-time at her church bookstore, co-hosting and creating a weekly radio program called Random Ramblings on a local radio station, and being the glorified "go-fer" for the farm. She runs the farm office while occasionally jumping on a tractor when needed. There is a standing invitation to everyone she meets. If you're ever in West Michigan, stop by and pull a chair up to the table. Theres always room for one more.

To learn more about the Loew's and life on a farm, visit this website.

Listen to Wendell and Diane's interview.

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