Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Don't We Have Nice Things?

One of our sons (unmentioned name) asked the other day, "Why don't you have nice things in the living room from your wedding... designer mirrors... classical framed artwork... collectables from birthdays and anniversaries that you have added to through the years like NORMAL people?" My answer, "Because our boys were normal boys. My Three Sons... If it wasn't ninja kicks, inside football tackles, and out-of-control superballs, then it was 'Jack jumped over the candlesticks,' 'boys that climbed the Christmas tree to the top,' and 'sledding, yes on sleds, down the stairs." FYI It was not our three daughters who broke everything worth displaying. :) But, we do have real treasures of pottery that the kids created, a self portrait clay head piece of Brent's, lots of child-drawn artwork, children's portraits through the years, RJ's first grade hat on the coat hooks, and children's plaster handprints. I would rather go to my children's basketball games than to the Bulls, unless of course the kids want to go to the Bulls. :)

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