Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Children are Not a Herd

 4 Questions Parents Need to Consider as they Leave the Harbour Sailing into Summer

1. What activity could I cut out of my schedule or my children's schedule, so I can have time to take each one of my children out individually each month?

2. When out one-on-one with one of my children, what's a short personal story from my childhood I can share about myself that I have not shared with my kids up until now?

3. What are some "soft first steps" heart- to-heart questions that I could ask when out individually with one of my children to get a conversation going that is beyond head-to-head logistics instead directed heart-to-heart?

4. What are some whole family group activities that everyone can have fun at regardless of the ages of the children or grandchildren in my family?

Track Season Done and New Horizons on the Scene with Summer Fast Arriving after A Cold Spring
Revised saying:  May Showers Bring June Flowers

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