Saturday, November 15, 2014

8 Reasons to Stay Home on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I have never been shopping on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday.
Here's my 8 reasons why:

1. With deals not all that great, the retailers are not winning and neither are the
2. It's crazy dangerous for three thirty something sisters, reunited Thanksgiving week to
be out shopping at 2:00 a.m.  
3. The thrill seeking of shopping super deals is lessened knowing that you have just run in front of a
single mom who won't get a toy for her child if you grab the deal first.
4. It's not safe nor smart to wrestle someone to the ground for a free sample of cheese spray.
5. Thanksgiving has always been "it's a gift to be simple celebration." The harvest is in
and we give thanks to God with a grateful heart. Let's keep it that way or cancel it
6. It's an intergenerational holiday gathering to unconditionally love your friends and family.
7. Its hard to run or walk in the mall after a Thanksgiving killer family football game.
8.  Missions need you the other 364 days of the year also, but volunteering on the day of
thanksgiving with your family is about as pure and sweet as it gets. This year start a meaningful holiday tradition your children will never forget and will repeat. Your Thankgiving dinner will taste better because others will have a Thanksgiving Dinner, love, hugs, and the Gospel message.

Remember the dangers involved in shopping the sales?  Instead risk it for something important.  

The only way retailers are going to close Thanksgiving Day is if no one
shops.  If I don't go, I am voting that the stores will stay closed until Thanksgiving
is officially over.

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