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My Hyperemesis Gravidarum was not glamorous and neither is Princess Kate's

My Hyperemesis Gravidarum was not glamorous and neither is Princess Kate's.
                                                          by Cheryl Moeller

The tabloids have whispered Princess Kate is trying to get attention with her inability to handle morning sickness.  I can tell you Hyperemesis Gravidarum is not morning sickness, unless it's morning sickness on steroids.

I threw up non-stop for a total of 24 months of my life.  On the ground, aisle #6 in the grocery store, padded church pew, hospital floors, friend's purses, and in my own lap.  This went on for at least four to five months with each of my six pregnancies, except for my second one which was less.

I learned the most wonderful people in the world love and care about me during my non-stop lock-ins.  For when I trembled as if the end was near, a loving person would make sure it was not the end.

With #6, as with the others, I was literally penned in my upstairs bedroom and unable to walk without aid.  Needled to my IV's and feeding machine, I thought I heard vacuuming.  I opened my eyes and there was the school crossing guard vacuuming our upstairs halfway.  She said, "Go back to sleep.  It's okay I got worried because I hadn't seen you for a while."

My gorgeous sister-friend and neighbor, Cecelia Feicht, R.N., came over daily with shots when I finally was allowed to be at home.
Cecelia Feicht

Faint from throwing up 1,000 times, a friend, family member, or stranger would give me the hope to continue.  They always went beyond "just showing up" by giving of themselves with acts of service, hugs, food, and gifts.

Hundreds of people helped our family, including me, in 1981, 1984. 1986, 1987, 1996, 1998.  I will stand up and thank them again.

Bob, my husband, and our children always went to great lengths to make sure I was watched.  Bob was the ever present friend and prayer warrior.

The kids all had to do things most children don't learn so young like knowing when to summon adult help, washing the same sheets for the fifth time in one day, and washing a sink full of really grimy pots and pans.

God always exceeded expectations.  For example with #4 pregnancy, the former Director of the Home Economics Board in the state of Ohio, volunteered to cook for three months.  Because I could not smell food, Virginia Wiley cooked at her home and delivered meals each day with her husband E.B.

There are so many friends and family that deserved to have one of our children named after them.  I apologize for not doing that and you know who you are.  Maybe I can sneak in your name for a grandchild's name.  For you, I will try.

And, I love the name Princess Kate.

                                          Worth it all and but, by the Grace of God alone.
                                                                RJ and Melissa
                                                                Mackenzie and Megan
                                                                Andrew and Brent

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