Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 3 - Ludington to Frankfort

Barrett Mills Ponders the Miles Ahead

Day Three - Plea for Support - Help us Help the Kids in India!
it’s Barrett and Abby again we have decided that we are the only people who will be writing this week because Ben and AJ are off at the park in town tonight. The day was wild in the morning there was fog and we couldn’t see jack and our faces were getting wet and it was very cold. Then after lunch the sun popped out and cooked off the fog and clouds creating another sunny day. So we had three very large hills to climb and the excitement was just building (not really) haha. The first hill wasn’t that hard although when Abby and I took a break half way up... I took a rest on top of a fire ant hill. Abby noticed that ants really do make you dance when they are in your pants.

The second hill, Ben says he did 50mph going down due to wind speed and tire pressure (I have no clue if that makes a difference?). Abby and I think… its possible? Now, on the way down the third hill, Abby and I were going around 47 mph when I looked at the speedometer. Then I thought, I better not look down again. We had one more hill to climb. Hill number three was probably the easiest.

We made a camp change and are now staying just outside of Frankfort instead of our original plans to stay in Platte River due to the fact that we were unable to get an addtl. campsite/s. However, everything worked out and we are having a great time. That was our day here on the trail. It is nice to have the company of Mitch Overway Terry Koetji and my Youth Pastor, Dave “Kujo” Kujowa accompanying us for the next two nights on motor cycles. Thanks for everyone’s support and prayers. p.s. Ben and AJ you get more lines if you help write!!

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